Blogging is an art and with the growing interest in art i.e. Blogging, there are many newbie bloggers who are confused in choosing a particular Niche that could be good to go for making hefty money. 

First of all it should be clear that anyone who want to start Blogging must look at what they are good at, because this would help them to write amazing articles that would be worth reading.

However I have found some of the Most Popular and profitable Niche Ideas that should be considered when commencing a new Blog in 2021.

1. Health and Fitness

You must have heard 'Health is Wealth' therefore more and more people are concerned over their health issues and so want to know more about this topic of health. Further we have witnessed according to Google searches in 2020 Corona Virus Disease was the Most Searched topic around the world.

Further people are more interested in losing their weight and be fit therefore, health and fitness is one of the most growing Niche that every blogger should consider writing on.

2. Sports

Sports is a very big Niche because its vast amount of audience. People are very interested in finding out the latest news related to football, cricket and whatever sports they like. Further instead of writing for all the sports at once, just one of the game can be opted for as for writing the articles for instance cricket because this will help you gain more audience attention who are only looking for that particular sports.

Sports related searches are very high according to google trends data.

3. Food Blogging

Food Blogging is an art. Those foodie people who loves eating food and trying different dishes should definitely consider writing because most people are looking for the new dishes and restaurants, so this can be a great opportunity to turn this skill in profit.

4. Real State

Real state and Property works is one of the most hot topic because of the high population and basic need, this is a Niche that does not seem to be declining and always growing. Further this can be segmented too according to your country or city wise.

5. Product Reviews

Product Reviews is a very broad Niche because a person can try a lot of stuff  and review it. For instance this Niche can be further bifurcated like: 1. Beauty Product Reviews 2. Mobile Reviews 3. Laptop Reviews 4. Movie Reviews 5. Music Reviews etc.

Reviewing PRODUCTS seems easy because a person has tried the product himself, further this Niche is one of the Most Profitable one because when you gain a good amount of Followers then you can easily get a lot of brand endorsements.

Even many Youtubers are doing the same stuff and earning in millions.

6. Technology

The lines that AI will take over the world are hugely popular and is one of the most hot topic. People are more curious about the new technologies as they want to use it and so be able to grow.

Technology is growing at a speed that is unmatchable because it is making the lives of people easier so this Niche is definitely that one you should consider writing on.

7. Finance and Money Making

The art of making a lot of Money and be Rich is what almost everyone wants to know. People want to know how to make good investments and be able to get the highest possible profits on investments. Further a lot of people are interested in making money online and they want to know the secrets of making money online therefore this is a Niche that should be considered by specially those who are good at making money online and finance related matters because this is high potential Niche with high number of viewers hence lucrative one.

8. Education

Education is the Niche that has one of the highest audience. Almost every age group is usually looking for something they need for studying online. Career Counselling can be done if you have ample amount of knowledge which can also act as a Motivating factor for you because you are helping students in getting into the right direction. Further free books and study resources like hand made notes can be shared to further help students in the studies.

9. Stories

People like getting Inspired, they want to learn and achieve something. Stories help them to get some motivation and confidence. Stories help them to get some sense of Direction.

This Niche is hugely Popular and is worth considering.

10. Software and coding related

These websites are basically relevant to those who have knowledge and command over the software skills and with which people looking for the software material and like looking for open source coding can get benefit from.

This can a very good Niche because of less Competition as this Niche requires a particular knowledge for Blogging.

11. Travel and Photography

Travel and Photography blog are very cool to look at, especially for people looking to explore new places can find these blogs extremely helpful as it helps in the planning process.

12. Celebrities 

Celebrities related blogs are getting hugely popular as fans of the actors are usually very interested to know about them, they want to follow every update on them. Be it Hollywood celebrities or any other industry actors, the celebrities related searches are always trending so this Niche is extremely profitable due to a large audience base.

13. Spirituality

This is also a good Niche for bloggers to opt for as there is less quite less competition.

14. Sarcasm

With the growth of memes and sarcastic stuff on social media, people are always looking for a way to get entertained and they find humorous stuff best so it is also a good Niche to work on.

15. Climate Change

This is a Niche that does not need any introduction because it was one of the most trending topic around the globe. People are showing great concern over climate change and so it is the best time to start blogging on this Niche.

16. Insurance

Uncertain things do happen and for that one needs insurance. Insurance helps to claim the damages therefore there is a lot audience wanting to know about insurance stuff. Further this is a highly profitable Niche to work on.

17. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are the new topic of interest for people. More and more people are investing in digital currencies and so want to know about cryptocurrencies up and downs, investments opportunities and latest news articles. Therefore it is certainly a Niche that can be highly profitable due to lessor competition and growing audience.

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