Hyperlinks are actually a great way to catch the users attention. Therefore it is always better to put hyperlinks in your blogs.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Blogger Blog Post

Steps to creating a hyperlink in blogger blogposts: 

1. The very basic step is to open the New Post option in blogger account if you are posting a new article in your blog or you can open the already published posts too if in case you want to insert hyperlinks in previous blogposts.

2. After the opening of the post, select the place where you want to put hyperlink.

3. After you have selected the place where you want to post your link, just place the link.

4. After placing the link of any web address, select the whole link and click on the above option  🔗 of link, that will make a blue hyperlink.

How to Create a Hyperlink in Blog Post

5. After the hyperlink is made, it is always better to change the link to text hyperlink so as to gain more user attention and the blog post looks clean. For changing this, you will need to click on that link and click EDIT link. A view will appear where you can change the Text to Display. Change the Text and Save Settings to create a perfect hyperlink.

How to put a Hyperlink in Blogger Blog Post

For instance from this https://www.blogrite.xyz/ to this Blog Rite.

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