This is one of the Most asked question by many people who are willing to start a new blog and earn money through it. Many people are passionate about Writing and so want to expand their reach of audience and for that they need a website.

So, still the question remains How to start a blog?

Well the answer to this question is simple, You need to Follow these steps in order to commence your blogging journey:

Firstly you have to find the right Niche for Blogging as that would be a key factor in gaining good audience for the blog. Blogging can be done in any Niche be it Tech, spirituality, education, business etc. Just that you must have significant knowledge pertinent to your topic so that your readers get benefit of your knowledge. Therefore a complete research is needed for it.

Once you have selected the Niche you want to work on, the second thing you have to do is to select the right platform i.e. either WordPress or Blogger or any other platform from where you want to create a website. If you are new to blogging or you are not a very technical person then Blogger platform is best for you. Blogger is a google owned platform for people who want to write, the benefit here is that it is very easy to use compared to WordPress which is a bit complex. Also you do not need to make any significant investment while using blogger because it is hosted by google for free however other platforms charge prices per annum for hosting which is expensive for some people who can not afford.

After you have successfully followed the first two steps, the next step is to find the NAME for your Blog and the Name of Blog must be Unique so that audience is able to distinguish between your website and other. It is recommended to keep a short name that is catchy for audience and is quite easy to remember.

The next step in line is to set a url{domain} for your website, it is better to use a url same as the Name of the Blog however if that domain name is not available than similar or close to the blog name should be made the url for your website. For those who do not know what is domain/url, it is the web address basically like  this website has i.e. .

At first you would be able to get a free domain like however in case you want a Custom Domain, you can always buy one and apply to your blog easily. There are multiple sites that sell Custom domain online at Minimal price such as GoDaddy , namecheap etc from where you can buy a custom domain and redirect your website to the new custom domain that you purchased. In this website case, the free domain is redirected to Custom Domain .

Once you are set up with the Blog Name and your domain, now you can choose the theme of your website. Theme here means that how your website is going to look and it is totally up to you to choose the theme that you think is best for your blog. You can either use the default themes or use the custom templates that may be either available for free or at minimal price premium themes can also be applied.

After that all is set and you are actually ready for Blogging. Your Blog is almost ready ready and now you have to post your articles on the website. 

After you start posting articles make sure to create basic pages such as Privacy Policy, Contact, About so that your website looks more credible and professional.

Simple, Isn't it!!!

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