In this Article I am going to tell you how to upload a Custom Theme in Blogger. There are already many general themes by default in Blogger however to make your blog look professional, it is always better to upload a Custom template that gives your website a premium look.

How to upload a Custom Theme in Blogger

Steps to Upload a Custom Template in Blogger

1. Finding the Right Custom Template

The very first step here is that you need to have a custom template in XML format, you can have a custom theme from many websites that provide free templates such as Sora templates, goyabi templates etc or even buy more premium templates as well.

You may choose a custom template that you like the most and think that it is best suited for your topic of the blog.

2. Extracting the Zip File.

Now that you have downloaded the custom template file so you have to extract the files from zip folder and for that you can use any tool for instance WinRAR.

You may get more than one file in the folder and those files usually contain documentation.

3. Uploading on the Blogger

Now that you have followed the first two steps so you have to open your blogger account and go to the theme section in the blogger account.

How to upload a Custom Theme in Blogger

There you will find the option of customize with the side menu so you have to click on the side menu and select Restore option.

After you clicked on Restore option, now you would be able to select the theme file so just select the theme that is available in xml format, you would be able to successfully upload the theme.

4. Customizing the Theme

It is important to change the basic settings of the theme. By default the custom theme has many irrelevant sections so just remove any type of ads and sections that are available by default by going to the layout section of your blogger account and change them according to your own requirements.

Note: Custom themes are not any essential requirement however if you want to make Blog look more professional, it is always better to use a custom theme in Blogger as it gives a very good user experience and kind of add credibility to your site.

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