A-Ads also known as Anonymous ads is one of the oldest bitcoin ad network that pays publishers in bitcoins. A-ads only lets you to place banner ads in your website.

A-ADS is the first ever crypto advertising network that has been working since 2011 and from that long time had been providing very high-quality crypto traffic to its advertisers. They approve publishers from all over the world without any major restrictions to its publishers, instant approval is given and you can just put the ad unit code to your website by creating one. The ad unit would be checked within 10 minutes by the a-ads bot and then you will be able to start generating revenue from your website.

A-ads is a great alternative to Coinzilla, Cointraffic, Coinad, bitmedia and any other related crypto ad network. A-ads helps you get a good revenue.

A-ads network claims that they do not store any personal information of publishers and advertisers and this is why they are called Anonymous Ads Network which is indeed a plus point of this ad network. 

A-ads Review: Is it the best Crypto Ad Network?

A-ads is a growing crypto advertising ad networks with many publishers signing up on daily basis for website monetization. Their statistics show that they get more than 110 million impressions per day, more than 100 thousand clicks per day. 

Before we move on further, below are some main features of this ad network that you should know of;


  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads
  • Not Accepted Websites/Ads: Guns, Drugs, no CP.
  • Live Chat Support System: 24/7 Live Support.
  • Referral Bonus: A-ads offer 10% of affiliate advertiser’s budget that is one half of A-ADS fee, but it is much harder to get advertisers.
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin.
  • Payment Frequency: Automatic, daily, On Request
  • Minimum Payout: 1 satoshi in case of Faucetpay.io and expresscrypto.io however 100k satoshi or 0.001 btc directly into bitcoin address.
  • Payments are always given on time.

  • Publishers can filter undesired ads such as Gambling.
  • Realtime statistics are available.

How to Join A-ads Network as a Publisher

Joining a-ads is super easy, you just need to go to their official website: https://a-ads.com/ and click on the sign up button and fill in the right details and boom you are ready for monetizing your website, this process really takes very less time. Now that you have signed up and created your account, you would have to click on create an ad unit button, after that select the right ad size you would like to display on your blog, then put the url of your website which you would like to put ads on. Once you have put the url of your site, select any ads you do not want to show and then after filling captcha, click on create ad unit button to get the code which you need to paste in the html of your website where you want to display the ad.

How to Withdraw from a-ads

Withdrawal from a-ads is super easy too, you need to create a coinbase account or other bitcoin wallet account for direct bitcoin transfer or you can also create faucetpay or expresscrypto account for withdrawal. After that you can convert from btc to real money.

How to Increase Revenue in a-ads

A ads follow a different approach in terms of giving revenue to publisher, they want unique impressions from their publishers means that you need to have a unique visitor to make it count for impressions and therefore earning. Unique impression is counted in a way that the visitor coming to the publisher website must not have seen a-ads advertisement on some other website therefore you always get lower unique impressions compared to what Google Analytics will show. Therefore placing too many many ad units on the website would not benefit much.

However, a-ads pay using CPM and CPC model for publishers, therefore the more clicks you get the more you will be able to earn. It is recommended to place at least two ad units but with the same code so as to get more clicks and higher revenue. Do not worry, their CPM is usually higher than most other ad networks, mostly ranging from $0.27 to even $20. I personally once got more than $15 cpm on my site.

Some More Features

- You can use this ad network to even monetize your app or join their affiliate program to earn revenue.

- They have a Bug Bounty Program, in case you find a Bug in their website, you can always report to them and you would be able to earn a monetary reward in terms of bitcoins.

How to Advertise in a-ads

- Advertising in a-ads is very easy, sign up as an advertiser and after the sign up process, just click on the Advertise button to create an advertisement. Set the Ad Title, Ad text, url where you want visitors to direct, choose banner ad file(photo) which you want to show to visitors. Now set the budget, they follow CPD model for advertisers while CPM model is still in Beta mode, set your budget for advertisement accordingly, deposit the funds to create the advertisement. Their ads are really good as they do not irritate, although it is a bitcoin ad network but advertisers can advertise any time of website or app or anything because a-ads accepts all kind of websites with quality human traffic.

Create your Advertisement here: Advertise with Anonymous Ads 

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of my website, I used this ad network personally and received these amounts as shown in below picture.

A-ads Review: Is it the best Crypto Ad Network?

Now, my personal opinion to this ad network is that it is definitely worth trying therefore recommended for publishers.

Do let me know if you are using this ad network or if you want to use this ad network and have any queries, do let me know as I would be happy to assist.

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