Hyperlinks are a great way to catch the users attention. The Highlighted link in the blogposts comments section of other bloggers can help to create a backlink, that means you can get traffic from the articles of other bloggers. Creating backlinks is a good SEO practice and helps in ranking your article well in Google.

When a user reads the comments of other blogposts of bloggers and that user clicks on the hyperlink you posted there, you will be able to get a new visitor to your blog and you may be able to gain a permanent visitor too if that particular user likes your blog content.

Further, it is recommended that you post the hyperlink on only your Niche related other bloggers, otherwise it may appear as spam.

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How to Create a Hyperlink in Blogger Comments

Steps to creating a hyperlink in Blogger Comments: 

1. The very basic step is to find your Niche related other blogger websites.

2. After opening any of their post, go to the comments section.

3. Post this Code in the comments ⬇

<a href="http://www.blogrite.xyz">BLOG RITE</a> 

4. You need to edit the code by putting your site's url where our site url is placed and change the text as you want to make a highlighted clickable link of and then simply post the comment.

5. Now that you have posted the clickable hyperlink in blogger comment section, it may appear as ⬇

BLOG RITE (As based on our above mentioned code and text).

NOTE: Do not just put your site link in the comment section rather give a positive review to the article as it looks professional and giving a positive review gets you more visitor while the author of that articles also feels good.

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