In this post, I am going to tell you best methods for unblocking website url blocked on Facebook.

There are Methods that you can follow;

1. Using Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool

2. Contacting Support Team

3. Using Redirection method

How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

Now, I am going to tell you how exactly each method works and their effectiveness.

Method 1:

Steps to unblock website URL on Facebook Using Sharing Debugger Tool

  • Search on the internet Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool  Go to the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool for developers.
How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook
  • You need to enter your website url in the sharing debugger blank option and then press the debug button.

How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

  • After that, you are going to get a standard message that is, we cannot review this website because the content does not meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.
How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

  • Now, just Click on "let us know" option appearing on this page. 
How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

  • There, you will need to write an appropriate response to unblock your domainAFTER that just submit it by clicking on the Send button. Make sure to put the url of your website in the response you give, requesting Facebook to unblock the blocked url of your website.
  • Now, you just need to wait for some time as fb team reviews your application and you will surely get a positive result. However please make sure to read the community guidelines of Facebook with regards to website and make appropriate changes.

Method 2:

Contacting Support Team

This is the method only for those who also use Facebook services for advertising campaigns therefore they would have option to communicate to the Facebook advertiser support team so message the support staff for unblocking of fb website url. This method may not be effective so it is better to use Method 1 as above or Method 3 mentioned below.

Method 3:

Using Redirection Method

This is one of the best method in case the above 2 methods does not work because it is hundred percent working method however you will not be able to post directly.

    Steps to unblock blocked website URL on Facebook Using Redirection Method

    > Search Google Docs and open Google Documents.

    How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

    > After that click on the blank document option.

    How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

    > Now that you have opened the blank document in google docs, just paste the url of your website or url of the blogpost you want visitors to click on and make sure to give the clear indication to your audience by writing above or below your website url to 'Click on the link' to know relevant information they are looking for. When the visitor clicks on that link, the visitor would then be redirected to your website. 

    How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

    > After that save your document and give it a Name and change the setting of Share button from Private to public. After you are done with the settings this type of window will appear:

    How to Unblock Website Domain on Facebook

    > After that, just copy the link and paste on Facebook wherever you want to post and you would be able to post instantly without getting blocked.

    Although this is a great alternative method however visitors may not be interested in clicking twice the links.


    Facebook is a good social platform which can also be used as a means for gaining a good customer base i.e. you can generate a lot of traffic from there. When Facebook blocks the website domain, you eventually lose all the traffic that was generated from there and hence you also lose potential revenue. Therefore the above mentioned methods would be helpful in getting back your audience. Further, I would recommend not using any spam ads and carefully review Facebook community standards.

    Wait, there is one more method but that would cost you and that method is by hiring a person on Fiverr or any other freelancing platform who is expert in Unblocking Website url blocked by Facebook. I am sure, you can get reliable person who could do this for you.

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