Blogging is a very difficult field, one has to do a lot of hard work in order to rank his blog post high in search engine. The use of search engine optimization in blogs helps to rank well in Google. Both On page SEO and Off page SEO are recommended for better results.

On Page SEO Tips for Blogger: BlogSpot Special

In this blog, I am going to tell you about On Page SEO for blogger and you already know why it is so important.

1. Choosing a Right Keyword

Finding the right keyword for your blog post is very crucial in determining whether your blog will be able to rank well or not. The following factors are checked while identifying the right keyword that are; Search Volume, Competition and AdWords CPC. Therefore, it is always better to focus on a keyword that tends to have a high volume of traffic but low competition because the more the competition, the lower your blog will rank.

2. Sub Headings

Sub Headings are recommended in a blog post because it helps in a good presentation and is a great SEO practice. (Table of content can be made if possible using some coding, If you do not know how to make table of content in blogger then just use sub headings).

3. Using Pictures

Pictures help in making your blog post look more interactive, people tend to make more user engagement when the post has more pictures along with the right content. For well on page seo, it is recommended to use compressed images so that your blog is light weight and fast to load because the site speed is an important search engine ranking factor. Make sure you put your blog title /keyword in the photo you are posting in your blog. The illustration is shown below on how to:

On Page SEO Tips for Blogger: BlogSpot Special

Click on the Picture and click settings option as shown above and after that post your keyword in Alt text and title text option as shown below and then click on update to save this setting.

On Page SEO Tips for Blogger

4. Label\Tags:

Choosing the right tags is very important seo factor too, you need to choose the right tags and apply the right label to your blog post so that your audience finds it very appealing too.

5. Location

It is also one important ON Page SEO factor, you need to choose the right country you want to target. For instance, if you write content that is only relevant to USA audience then you need to target USA in the Location on your blog setting.

6. Search Description/Meta Tag

Meta Tag is the most important factor for your ranking of the blog post therefore you need to write a catchy unique meta tag that should include your keyword too because it will help search engine in identifying the keyword on which your blog would rank well. So make sure you write a great search description.

On Page SEO Tips for Blogspot

7. Highlight your keyword

On page SEO includes highlighting your keyword so that it just pops out and google ranks your keyword well, and you get a high number of visitors to your blog. The highlighting of your keyword can be by applying BOLD on it or by underlining the text or making it italic. But make sure not to over highlight the keyword because it may look a bit weird for your readers.

8. Permalink

Well most of you may not know of it but it is a great tool for setting of url of the blog post, while you can set a custom permalink that would include the keyword of your blog post. You may also use the default permalink which would be based on the title of your blog.

9. Link with other content in Blog

Another good method for on page SEO is to link your previous blogs with new blog content by either putting link texts at the end of the blog or in between the blog so that user who may be interested in your other blog post may also visit there and you would have low bounce rate as a result which also results in good google ranking of your blog and also your Alexa ranks gets higher.

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The below picture is shown where you need to change settings according to your blog content and target audience ⬇⬇⬇⬇

On Page SEO Tips for Blogger


All the above methods above are recommended for a good ranking for your blogs that are made on blogger however wordpress or any other platform users may also focus on these important seo practices so as to rank their blog well on google, bing or any other search engine. Also OFF page SEO practice is a crucial factor for a good ranking of your content.

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