Bit Media Ad Network Review in 2021 || bitcoin advertising network latest review


Bit media is a London-based Bitcoin ad network that was founded in 2014. Bitmedia provides both CPC & CPM campaigns. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC. Bitmedia only accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related websites on its publisher program. However, there is an exception here that if a non-crypto website provides good and lively traffic, bitmedia also accepts that site. At Bitmedia quality is the first priority. Bitmedia has developed a smart algorithm that shows advertisements to relevant users only, as well as conducting deep learning of the user’s behavior, to better improve the algorithm. Moreover, their User Interface is very well designed friendly and their support is also very fast.

Bit Media Ad Network Review || bitcoin advertising network review

Bitmedia Info.

·         Website url :

·         Specialty: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Advertising

·         Availability: Worldwide

·         Organization: Private

·         Industries: Advertising and Marketing

·         Models of Payment: CPM & CPC

·         Mode of Payment: Bitcoin

·         CEO: Matvey Diadkov

·         Employees: 1-10

Ad Formats

Bit Media provides Display Ads categorized in five different ads namely; 

General, Text Ads Responsive Ads, Image Ads, and HTML5 Banner Ads.

For knowing more about ad formats, you can visit here:

Bitmedia Approval Requirements for Publishers?

Websites related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, autoredirects and other trash are banned immediately.

BitMedia doesn't approve websites that encourage users to click on ads or offers a compensation for that.

- Real Visitors only, no BOT traffic allowed.

BitMedia ads are not allowed to be placed on websites, containing content that is prohibited. Such as; Adult content, Violent content etc.

- Publisher should create websites that will be useful, clear and convenient for people.

- No as such traffic requirement.

Bit Media Benefits for its Publishers

·         A dedicated account manager.

·         Quality ads 

·         Ability to switch to your own advertisers

     - 24/7 support system

     - High Earning

Bitmedia Affiliate Program

Bitmedia offers a generous referral program, up to 10% commission is given for each of the referrals that join by using your referral link.

Further Publishers also get benefit from:

·         Instant Payouts

·         Advanced Statistics in real-time

How does the Payment Program of Bitmedia Work?

The minimum bid for the CPC campaigns it starts from 0.0000164 BTC and for CPM Campaign starts from 0.0000185 BTC.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001BTC for the publishers. 


Bitmedia is the ad network that is definitely a recommended one and you should join their ad network so as to earn a handsome amount of Money.  

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