Bitcoin hits all time new high at $60k Plus, this is indeed a great news for investors as they are gaining high on their investments. This is the first time that bitcoin has gone to such new heights crossing its $60000 benchmark. 

Covid has enabled the crypto currencies to rise and rise. Not only bitcoin but other crypto coins are constantly seeing a huge increase, coins such as Ethereum, dogecoin and other digital currency are really hyped up now.

Bitcoin hits all time new high at $60k Plus

The speculation game is on, however the question whether it would be going down just like we saw in the previous week that btc touched its lowest at $43000 or be constant. The recent pool in of money has made it possible for bitcoin to break its all previous records. Touching a very high market capitalization of more than $1.1 trillion.

Taking back to last year on 12th of March, bitcoin had crashed too badly and it was therefore called to be known as The Black Thursday crash.

One needs to be very careful when investing in crypto market because of its dynamic market trends Therefore you need to be updated. Also it can be seen that Holding is the key to earning higher in the long run.

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