Crypto Market on the high Again as the new investors pooled in their money. Bitcoin regained its charm and reached a high of almost $57000. Once again bitcoin has now more than $ 1 trillion market capitalization. The overall trend of the market stays positive. Almost all coins and tokens listed on binance are increasing their value.

While, actually in the previous week, the situation was quite bad and the value of cryptocurrency was getting very low, with btc showing a decrease of over 10 percent. The other cryptocurrencies are likely to be moving along with the number one crypto that bitcoin. Ethereum, dash, digibyte and many other saw a great increase in their value.

Crypto Market on the high Again thanks to new investors

While the prices are up, there is a risk again that prices may go down, due to investors taking the short term profit on their investments, while it may also go up if people continue to hold and continue to invest more money.

However, Tether stayed on around $1 because it actually moves with dollar so showing no effect. Also some of the crypto currencies did show a decreasing trend too like Cardano, steller, NEM etc.

Note: The crypto market is vulnerable and is likely to change very frequently so do invest if you know the game. Speculation can be too risky with the prices going up and down.

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