This Mars Ecosystem “Learn & Earn” Campaign's reward pool consists of Mars Ecosystem (XMS) tokens worth $200,000. Successful users will receive Mars Ecosystem (XMS) tokens worth $5 as well as 50 Diamonds as a reward!

The Mars Ecosystem "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.10.29 (12:00 PM UTC) to 2021.11.27 (23:59:59 PM UTC).
CoinMarketCap XMS Token Quiz Answers

Pre Requisites for CMC Learn & Earn Campaign;

Coinmarketcap Account

Binance(KYC Verified A/c)

- Must Participate only once per quiz

Dedicated Link to Quiz:

Q1. Where can you buy an XMS token?

Ans: Marsswap

Q2. Mars Ecosystem consists of three parts. Mars Treasury, Mars Stablecoin, and What is the last part? 

Ans: Mars DeFi protocol

Q3. Which tokens are deposited into mars treasury to mint USDM in the genesis launch? 


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Q4. On which network is the XMS Token traded? 

Ans: BSC

Q5. In which month is Mars Ecosystem selected as the MVBIII Monthly Star? 

Ans: September

Q6. How much percent of the revenue that Mars Ecosystem uses as reward XMS stakers in the form of BTC, BNB, ETH, CAKE via the XMS staking Pool?

Ans: 90%

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